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Our story began in 1991. We could really usage the magic formula „once upon a time”. Since then, we produce food supplements based on quality ingredients. Because we pay attention to our customers’ needs, we get informed about the latest trends on the international market in the field, trying to offer state-of-the-art products.

We invest in research

We invest in research. We have cooperation agreements with research institutes, health clinics, specialists and family physicians, to which we present periodically the new products. Our work team consists of pharmacists, biologists and chemists with extensive experience.

We love and cherish the nature

We love and cherish the nature. That’s why the ingredients we usage are coming from natural sources, but they are carefully analyzed physicochemical and microbiological. The plant extracts are standardized according to international pharmacopoeias and the workspace and also the procedures observe the rules of good manufacturing practices (compliant with GMP). Our providers are renowned companies from Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Spain.

We pay attention to the needs of vegetarians, trying to offer formulas from which the ingredients to be strictly vegetal. We are preoccupied about the image of our products which you can find in Romania, as well as on the other markets in Europe. We believe in the healing power of nature, in performance and innovation without forgetting the tradition where we come from. We intend to turn into reality the end of stories: „and they lived happily ever after!”






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